Group Launches Petition to Ban Drag Queen Storytime at Houston Libraries

The group that opposed and defeated Houston’s equal rights ordinance in 2015 announced Tuesday it is launching a petition drive aimed at prohibiting Drag Queen Storytime, the program shuttered earlier this year by city officials over reports that a participant was a registered sex offender.

Houston Public Library officials in March said they would seek to “improve upon policies” and “reorganize the program,” in which drag queens read books to children at the Freed-Montrose Library. A spokesperson for Mayor Sylvester Turner declined comment and did not respond to an inquiry about the status of the program.

The group Campaign for Houston seeks to amend the city charter to bar the program “or any variation thereof where a biological male dresses up in women’s clothing representing himself as a Drag Queen or a biological woman dresses up in male clothing representing herself as a Drag King.”

The proposed amendment also would prohibit “any content, programs or people related to adult sexually oriented business” from reading stories to children at Houston public libraries.

Jared Woodfill, a Campaign for Houston spokesperson, alleged the program is “targeting kids” and called it “out of step with the moral values” of Houston.

The group is launching the petition drive this week and will be running TV and mail ads, and blockwalking, Woodfill said in a text. They must collect 20,000 signatures, according to state law; the deadline to place a measure on this year’s November ballot was Aug. 19.

City officials apologized in March for failing to conduct a background check on Albert Garza, a 32-year-old registered sex offender who participated in the program under the name Tatiana Mala-Niña. Library officials acknowledged Garza has “a criminal background that should have prevented him from participating.”

Conservatives repeatedly have targeted the program, including a lawsuit brought by a group of conservative Christian activists who alleged the storytellers had violated the Constitution’s freedom of religion clause. A federal judge found that the plaintiffs lacked standing to sue and had failed to establish a constitutional violation.

Robert Downen contributed to this report

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Texas Republican Officials Opposing Houston’s Prop 1

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Join our Republican Elected Officials in opposing
Houston’s Proposition 1, the Bathroom Ordinance.

 Vote No on Houston’s Proposition 1.
NO Men in Women’s Bathrooms.
NO Boys in Girls’ Showers and Locker Rooms.

Let’s work together to take Houston back and keep it a safe, wholesome, family oriented city.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing!

“Through God we shall do valiantly, and it is He who will tread down our adversaries.” (Psalm 108:13)

Let’s press this battle to its successful conclusion!

Thanking you for having the courage of your convictions, I remain, as always,

Steven F. Hotze, M.D


Steven F. Hotze, M.D.


Conservative Republican of Harris County

P.O. Box 7519
Houston, Texas 77234

Paid for by Conservative Republicans of Harris County

Texas Gov. Abbott Tweets “Vote NO on City of Houston Proposition 1.” Homosexual HERO Supporter Threatens to Rape Woman in Bathroom

News Release
Campaign For Houston

Campaign For Houston - No Men in Women's Bathrooms

Houston, Texas – November 2, 2015- Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted “Vote NO on City of Houston Proposition 1. No men in in women’s bathrooms.”

Dr. Steven Hotze, President of Campaign for Houston said, “Campaign for Houston is proud of Governor Abbott for taking a principled stand in supporting Campaign for Houston’s efforts to defeat Houston’s Proposition 1, the Bathroom Ordinance, which would allow troubled men and sexual predators, who claim to be women, to enter women’s public accommodations, including bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, invading women’s privacy and placing them in harm’s way.”

Proposition 1 would also allow boys to share shower and locker room facilities with girls in the schools, just as it has happened in California and in other states and cities.

“This is not about ‘equal rights.’ Defeating Proposition 1 is about protecting women’s and girls’ privacy and safety in public accommodations,” said Jared Woodfill, Spokesman for Campaign for Houston. He continued, “The story contained in this video proves our case. It is absurd and total nonsense to allow men to use women’s bathrooms, showers or locker rooms.”

There are tens of thousands of sexual predators, 99% men, prowling the Greater Houston Area. Here is a prime example of a dangerous pervert who threatened TV reporter Angela Zatopek because she had produced a 1 minute video opposing Houston’s Proposition 1, the Bathroom Ordinance.

Watch this video to see what horrible thing sexual predator, Kevin Stoneking, threatened to do to Angela in a post on Facebook.

Angela Zatopek is an international television reporter, a University of Texas graduate, formerly a competitor in Miss Texas USA and a native Houstonian. Angela may be reached at 757.793.1466.

Sexual predator Kevin Stoneking lives and works in Houston as an executive for an oil & gas company. His mobile number is 713.480.2878.

It seems prudent for society to maintain separate men’s and women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms in order to prevent women and girls from being placed in situations where their privacy would be violated and where sexual assaults could happen, doesn’t it? Experience shows that it is better to prevent a crime before it occurs, than to have to care for a victim and make an arrest and prosecute a criminal after the crime has been committed.

“We are encouraging the people of Houston to VOTE NO on Houston’s Proposition 1, the so called equal rights ordinance, the ‘Bathroom Ordinance.’ NO Men in Women’s Bathrooms. NO Boys in Girl’s Showers and Locker Rooms,” said Dr. Hotze.

Governor Abbott is against The Bathroom Ordinance

We are proud of Governor Abbott for taking a principled stand in support of Campaign for Houston’s efforts to defeat Houston’s Proposition 1, the Bathroom Ordinance, which would allow troubled men and sexual predators, who claim to be women, to enter women’s public accommodations, including bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, invading women’s privacy and placing them in harm’s way.

You may not be aware that there are 8,345 registered, convicted sexual predators in Harris County and that only scratches the surface.

greg abbott prop 1

Looks like Proposition 1, The Bathroom Ordinance, brings out the biggest stars of Hollywood! HAHA!

Mommy, there is a Man in the Bathroom

"On a Sunday morning in October 2010, Lincoln Moreno, a serial peeper, was looking at a four-year-old girl as she used the bathroom at Café Express in Meyerland. The child told her mother, 'Mommy, there is a man in the restroom.' The mother did not see anything at first. Then, she looked down and saw a shadow of a head underneath the stall and a bag. Once captured, law enforcement discovered that the man had electrical tape, duct tape, a sock with a pacifier, a plastic bag, and a recording device."

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Houston Ordinance Vote is Test for LGBT Advocates

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Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman opposes the Bathroom Ordinance

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Houston Chronicle’s HERO Propaganda

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Sexual predator jailed after claiming to be ‘transgender’ in order to assault women in shelter

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Lance Berkman

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Ben Hall opposes the Houston Bathroom Ordinance

Ben Hall

We applaud Ben Hall, as he is the only candidate running for Mayor of Houston who is standing up against the bathroom ordinance. Thank you for fighting the good fight!


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